Chelsey J.

Chelsey J.


How have you been touched by breast cancer?

Being a part of the third generation of strong women in my family to have been afflicted with breast cancer, I took matters into my own hands when I found out that I was BRCA 1+. I had a preventative bilateral mastectomy and TAH-SBO. 

What is one fun fact about you?

My mom and I are both members of CREW309!

How did you find CREW309?

Through my PA at the plastic surgeons office when she “had an idea…” and here we are! 

What does CREW309 mean to you?

Support. Being a previvor is a weird thing to be- we haven’t had a cancer diagnosis, but we have had to make life changing decisions. These women understand. They have guided me through my BRCA journey, providing unwavering support.