Lindsay V.

Lindsay V.

4 year survivor

How have you been touched by breast cancer?

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 33, right after our youngest daughter turned one. My dad passed away due to pancreatic cancer 3 years prior, which lead me to find out I was BRCA+ earlier that year. I thought I could beat cancer before it could get me, but I was wrong.

What is one fun fact about you?

I am the only member on the team with any previous rowing experience, having rowed all four years in college. I am so excited to share this incredible sport with our group of strong, dedicated women.

How did you find CREW309?

When Kassie Williams wanted to start the team in 2017, she asked our local young survivor group if anyone had rowing experience. I jumped at the opportunity to help and have been part of the leadership team of CREW309 from the start.  

What does CREW309 mean to you? 

This organization means so much to me. It has been my honor to onboard every member of our team and watch them grow from novices to amazing rowers. I love seeing the relationships that form in our group and the confidence that rowing provides for the women on our team. Cancer may have brought us all to the team, but it is rarely talked about when we are all together.