Priscilla L

Priscilla L

3 year Survivor

How have you been touched by breast cancer?

I was diagnosed at the age of 34. Cancer does not run in my family, so the diagnosis was quite a shock. I was married, had a 4 year old, and had no intention of life slowing down. But slow down it did. The things most important in life came into clear focus. For that new lens to view life through, I will be forever grateful.

What is one fun fact about you?

Since my cancer diagnosis, I have committed to checking things off my bucket list now rather than waiting for the right time – like finally learning to do a back flip, becoming a foster parent, and finding ways to positively impact my community.

How did you find CREW309?

My reconstructive surgeon first introduced the idea of joining a rowing team that was newly organizing, local, and dedicated to women who experienced breast cancer. I remember thinking at that time, “there’s no way I’m cut out for rowing”. Four weeks after surgery, I had cabin fever and decided to attend the first “on water” event where I connected with amazing fellow warriors and never looked back.

What does CREW309 mean to you? 

CREW309 is comradery. It’s the connection of a journey we’ve all walked, on our own separate paths, and can talk about or not – yet we all understand.